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On Friday, meanwhile, Kenner police and Reynaud both released copies of casino surveillance videos that for the first time provide a glimpse at the melee. Reynaud said the video backs up her story The Ultra 2K HD camera: see what an eagle sees. Imagine you could focus through a crowd, right to the edge of a table. And read the numbers on the cards and the expression on the players’ faces. And never miss a single frame. Imagine casino video surveillance systems so smart they run at 1fps when nothing is happening and jump to 30 fps when it is. Imagine saving money storing files and time Its security measures include a provision that ATMs must have at least one surveillance camera that can record anyone entering a facility if it is located in a building or “all activity occurring within a minimum of three feet in front of an automated teller machine located outside a building.” In both cases, banks that operate ATMs must retain this footage for at least 45 days, according How Casino Surveillance can be Beneficial. Easy installation – Since IP cameras function on a network, they're extremely flexible and can be installed almost anywhere. There's no need for coaxial cables. Simply mount cameras in the desired locations and establish a connection to the network video recorder. Crowd control – In casinos, where large throngs of people are a constant, video There will be no guarantee that surveillance recorded the fall as it was outside the casino (even inside, video cameras don't seem to catch these things for some "odd" reason). If there was video and you made an incident report, then the casino would be under a duty to preserve any video because they knew of a potential claim. But, if they didn't know about it, it may not have been preserved Ted Whiting, director of surveillance for Aria Resort and Casino, has stated that current facial recognition technology hasn’t been very effective, since most people are moving too quickly for the software to get a good read on their faces. The technology may play a greater role in the future, but today, casinos must still rely extensively on traditional surveillance techniques. Further Cameras are essential to the 24/7 operation of a casino. If even one camera goes down over a game table, the casino must shut down that table. If several cameras go down, they must close the entire floor, potentially losing thousands of dollars in revenue, to say nothing of the damage to their reputation. In the event of a shutdown, a casino can even be penalized by regulatory agencies, with I am a former casino surveillance tech. AMA! As you've seen in some movies, casinos normally have coverage of everything -- sometimes by law. Lots of money flow in and out of casinos on a daily basis, so they need all sorts of cameras and sensors to make sure nothing is out of place when they start counting cash. You can ask me stuff about policies with card counting, player monitoring, camera 2MCCTV offers a wide range of surveillance cameras and security equipment at the best prices. We have a dedicated team of accomplished salesmen, installers and technicians that would love to help you out with all of your CCTV needs. Give us a call today and we will help you determine the security solution that is right for you and your individual needs. Could you be due for a change to your casino security surveillance system? With exciting advances being made to surveillance products, which especially lend themselves to the casino industry? Are operators missing out on the most modern solutions? Could jobs be made easier and more effective with an IP network or HD products? If it’s been a long time since your last casino security system

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